Familia et Gens

What We Are

The essential assumption of the Noble faith is that religion is a mating call and an extended phenotype of the genetic nucleus that develops it, i.e. the elite. Those who can demonstrate their contribution to the development of the Apollonian worldview and those who are descended from such individuals are referred to as Nobles – an Apollonian ethnonym. Collectively, they comprise the Nobility.

What We Do

As many Nobles have noted, there is no other story like the Aristogram, for its interpretation is constantly being contorted to fit within the constraint of erronormativity, a reality that is fundamentally unhealthy for Noble children. In addition to providing educational material, Nobilitas issues judgments on the interpretation of the Aristogram and the Aristonomy.

Our Mission & Vision

Noble Inner Moralization

Nobilitas seeks to ensure the future of the Noble people by strengthening Noble identity, Noble communities, and the connection with the Nation of Aristopolis through education and Aristonomic rulings. Our hope is to motivate young people to continue exploring their Noble identity, supporting Aristopolis, maintaining long-lasting relationships with their fellow Nobles, creating a supportive dialogue with the broader Aristophilian community, and by providing support to the targets of aristophobia. We give young Nobles the intellectual tools to combat the defamation of our ancestral Gods, most importantly Apollo.