You are a Noble if you meet certain conditions. By submitting this application form, you are not applying to convert to Nobility. You are instead applying for a notice of certification to be used as proof for other Nobles; the notice certifies that the applicant has met all the criteria of Nobility. Those of you who are deeply immersed in our upper echelons may find this form to be redundant. However, we fully encourage up-and-comers to use the notice as a means of distinguishing themselves from poseurs. This notice of certification can be forwarded to any organization who requires it, such as the Order of Power.

Before you proceed to the form, please be advised of the following:


  • Being Apollonian does not entail the belief of anything magical or mystical (which is something we discourage). At minimum, it entails favoring the Greco-Roman myth body over other myth bodies with the understanding that what is often referred to as “Western culture” is largely a non-Western and demoralizing creation of hostile Hollywood film studios.
  • Being an Aristophile entails an affinity for excellence and excellent people. Etymologically, “Noble” means excellent.
  • A social antler refers to a memetic footprint used in male-male competition. Success in male-male competition is expected of Noble men.

Are you Apollonian?

Are you an Aristophile?

Do you have a formidable Social Antler?

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