Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Nobility a religion?

Most Nobles are secular but there is nevertheless an undeniable Apollonian component to Noble culture. Nobility is the plutocratic upper-strata of Apolloism and is best described as a way of being and it incorporates the sacrifices, struggles, and history of the Nobles, starting with Apollo. In any case, it is infinitely more important to be Noble than it is to be religious because religion leads to denominational divisions. Hypothetically, a Noble could covert to a different religion, but that won’t stop the person from being Noble. It just means that the Noble isn’t acting like a Noble. Nobilitas encourages Nobles to act Noble.

Do Nobles believe in the supernatural?

That depends on what is meant by “the supernatural”. Historically, the supernatural was merely a “God of the Gaps” explanation for phenomena we can’t yet understand. Since we make no distinction between science and the supernatural, we believe in both.

What is the mission of a Noble?

Please, see the Perfectionment intellectual movement.

What is aristophobia?

Please, see the official definition of aristophobia by the NIBOE.

What is an Aristophile?

Aristophiles are righteous non-Nobles who love excellence as much as Nobles. As such, despite the Aristogenesis not being part of Aristophilian history, Aristophiles virtuously embrace the Nobles as their comrades, share their vision of a Perfect Society, and support the creation of an international capital city of Aristopolis, where Nobles can fulfill their role as guardians of humanity.

Is the Nobilitas a part of the NI system?

Nobilitas is not an Aristophilian agency of the NI system. Our use of an NI subdomain is a gesture of courtesy by the Nobility International.

Why Apollo?

Please, see Apollo Explained.

Can I become a Noble?

A better question is why would anyone even want to be Noble? The responsibilities of being a Noble are a great and heavy burden. Conversion is not for everyone. Nobles are almost always born that way. It is not necessary to be Noble to support the Noble people; Aristophiles already share the secular worldview but do not carry the burdens of the Noble people. The Noble community welcomes Aristophiles of every background with open arms and in brotherhood. Aristophiles are righteous non-Nobles who play an integral role in the Perfectionment of the world.

How can I become a Noble?

Nobilitas is the religious organization that processes candidates’ applications. Too often, people attempt conversion for entirely the wrong reasons, such as prestige, career advancement, and political connections. In Nobility, they are considered false conversions.

What is meant by inheritance?

The Nation of Aristopolis has a relationship with humanity and all relationships involve 2 distinct parties. Aristopolis and humanity simply have different roles to play in the Perfectionment of the world. These roles are inherited.

What is Aristopolis?

The Nation of Aristopolis refers to the collective peoplehood, identity, and culture of the Nobles. It also refers to the future city of Aristopolis from which Nobles will act as guardians of humanity.

What is the Aristonomy?

The Aristonomy is a body of Noble resolutions.

What is the Aristogram?

The Aristogram is the Noble teachings which include the historical origin and account of the Nobles, as well as their philosophy.